Wow Adobe you did it! Maybe?

I just had my first taste of the new Air3 sdk for Android and iPhone… And I have to say I am impressed! (Insert impressed face here). I really had my doubts about being able to port Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zombies to the iPhone after my first few failed attempts to get it to run at a decent frame rate.

Unfortunately in order to truly take advantage of the new flash 11 performance I will likely have to rewrite a lot of rendering engine I built. But this will take no where near as long as it would have to port to the entire game to Unity.

One thing I did notice though is, I can no longer build my my projects the way I was before. Before I had one project for the game that build an SWC file and then 3 other projects (Android, Web Version, iPhone) that imported it. For some reason I can no longer do this. I’m not sure if it is the fault of all the modifications I had to make to publish in FP11 or if its simply Flash CS5.5. Either way I can deal with this for now since I’ve already had to modify the heck out of the web version.

Now I am at a bit of a cross road. Do I finish the web version and then jump back on the iOS version? Or do I put a hold on the web version until the iOS version is up and ready? I’m not really sure. But one thing is for sure; I need to update the Android version so everyone can take advantage of the new performance boost.

So to conclude… if I am able to build the game with flash to run decently on the iPhone with Air3.0… I will buy whoever is responsible for the performance gain on the iPhone a beer. However I do think that the performance that is has now should have been there for the start. Cheers Adobe, I am now a little less mad at you 🙂

Also I will upload a video soon of the game running on the iPhone.

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