Happy Bday Baby

My daughter turned one today! Oh where has the time gone?

I have been working non stop lately ūüôĀ

I would like to apologize to everyone who has purchased Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zombies. I have not been able to update it as often as I have wanted. But please be patient the update that has been delayed for some time now is still coming. The launch of Air 3.0 has slowed the release down a bit because I am taking full advantage now of the new features.

Some of the new features that will be in the next release:

  1.  over 400% performance increase on some devices
  2.  you no longer have to have adobe air installed (but the file size went up to 11megs)
  3.  online scoreboard
  4.  many new graphic options like motion blur
  5.  Android Licensing Extension
  6.  Trophy system
  7.  Quite a few bug fixes
  8.  Removal of the update screen (this was causing issues with some providers)

Thanks to everyone who purchased the game. I might run a competition some time after the next update. I was thinking something along the lines like the first person to unlock all trophies would get some sort of prize. I haven’t decided yet on what to give away though. If I can get the proper promotion going maybe give away a tablet or a phone or something? Let me know what you guys think.

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