Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zombies Free Version Now Available

So I made the free version of Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zombies available in the android market last Friday.

You can grab it now from the Android Market:

And feel free to throw me a few stars and comments through the market 🙂  That stuff really helps a lot.>


I guess I’m a little silly for not posting something on my site about it soon but I’ve been really busy trying to get other sites to post something about it. Its really funny how the big and small game review websites operate. Most of them really couldn’t give a poop about the smaller developers like myself. Getting some publicity this time around seems near impossible.


When I first launched my game there where only a few review sites that would even look at my game. was one of the ones that did. Most of the other indie and android gaming sites simply just ignored me as they post reviews of every heavily marketed game out there. Funny thing is, as soon as my game was featured on gizmodo, reviews of Super Ninja Skydiving Plus Zombies started showing up on other sites.


I understand that most review sites only want things on their website that will give them traffic. So they spend their time reviewing games that have just had 10k in advertisements floating all over the place. I personally could care less about 99% of the big budget mobile games. Most of them have 0 originality and the entire budget for the game has been put into marketing. I would really like to see more sites post original games and ignore news about the 5 new versions of angry birds coming out. Really I don’t understand why so many people are still playing that game. Angry Birds is a well made game don’t get me wrong. Nice art work, clean menus etc. but lets get serious games like “Crush the Castle” did what Angry Birds did years before anyone knew about Rovio’s Angry Birds.


Companies like Rovio take existing ideas, make their own version of it, and market the hell out of it. What’s crazy is that these companies think they are innovative and are amazing at making games. NO THEY ARE NOT! They are good at making money. There is a huge difference.


Anyways rant over! Spread the word on the release of the free version. Anyone who posts anything on their websites can have a spot in the games credits if they want 🙂  Oh and if anyone out there knows what I could be doing to market my game better PLEASE shoot me an email


Now go play some games internet!

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